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Property Management

Above Average Property Investments deserve Above Average Property Management
Placing your investment property under management is one of the best steps the astute investor can take. A reputable and skilled property manager will be there to assist and guide you through all your tasks as a responsible property owner. Acquiring the services of a property manager […]

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Interest Rates Are The Lowest In Recorded History – Can You Benefit?

At the beginning of February we saw the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announce a further cut to the official cash rate by 0.25% reducing it to 2.25%, the lowest rate in four decades. In this article we look at the role interest rates play when considering an investment property, current population growth pushing the […]

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Area Observations: Fortitude Valley

Brisbane is being touted as the next growth city. The population growth plus the subdued market over the last few years is making a good case for some short to medium term capital growth. Inner city apartment buildings are popping up all over the central regions of Brisbane.
So will the demand equal the supply?
Now let’s […]

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Why negative gearing is here to stay

Once again the idea of changing the tax benefits afforded to investors via negative gearing has been floated in the context of wider tax reform.

Australia is a market economy and, in a perfect world, freely operating markets are efficient and deliver maximum satisfaction for all.
But it isn’t a perfect world.
Sometimes market solutions are inadequate, inequitable […]

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Why property as an investment choice

Like in any market property price growth is primarily a function of the demand for and the supply of housing. The demand for housing is a product of its necessity and of the population size and forecast growth, currently at record levels both current and projected. It’s also influenced by government policy, incentives, consumer confidence […]

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We’re Rising Stars!

We are extremely excited and flattered to have received a Rising Star award at this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards. It’s amazing recognition of the all the hard work the Aspire team have poured into our the brand and specifically the Portal system. Without my amazing team and our wonderful clients we wouldn’t have […]

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A tale of two Pre-Retirees

In the course of my business and personal lives, I meet many people at different stages of their financial lifecycle and with many different mindsets. The difference in attitudes to retirement living is startling. Let me give you a quick example.

Scene 1: In my days in London, building a business and investing in property, I […]

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The definition of equity

Simply put – equity is the value of an asset less any mortgage on it. If you have equity, you have the opportunity to use that equity as security for purchasing an investment property.

Equity is calculated on the current market value of your home (or investment property) minus what you owe the lender. As an […]

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Measure your yield

The ‘yield’ is the money produced as a return on investment, shown as a percentage of the money invested.

Property investors are concerned with the ‘rent yield’, i.e the amount of rent per annum that the property will command.

The rent yield is calculated by annualising the rent and dividing it by the cost of the property.

Eg. […]

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What you need to know about interest rates

Interest rates are the cost of credit. There is no one interest rate. Rates vary according to the availability of funds and the risk attached to lending for a particular purpose. The home loan mortgage rate is the one that is of significance to investors and is relatively low because the asset securing the loan […]

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